by Adjust

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Adjust - Demonstration


released January 13, 2015

Recorded by Ali Walker @ Devil's Own Studio
Artwork/Design by Steven Hill
Photo by Toni Peachtini
The Stirling Collective



all rights reserved


Overlord Recreation Stirling, UK

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Track Name: Intro / Sorrow Lingers
Push myself, browse old notes
I remember and swallow hard
When ignorance became an antidote
I felt a guilt press my heart
Nights I spent at the edge of my bed
Morbid thoughts in my morbid head
I can't count to how many times I said
"I'm gonna take these memories or myself instead".

Days on end, I'd write alone and silently mutter
Subtle resentment to the world, myself and others
I filled these petty pages with sorrow, love and loss
I filled the pages to make up for everything I've lost

Frantic heartbeats, in my liar's chest
Planted seeds, in my empty head
Choking on my words, tremble in my fingers
Reminders I'm alone and sorrow lingers

I'm sinking again

And remember,
The notes by my bed that stopped me turning on myself
And every last reminder that this feeling is my wealth
And if they ask, I just wasn't strong enough
Because what is my destruction to the happiness of those that I love?

They pitied me
Track Name: Adjust
Exhausted soul, I've seen the end of my tether
I gathered rocks at the bottom
I still taste the bitterness of winter
And grew so cold in the autumn
I've tasted sorrow on my tongue
I played the stories in my head
Now to collect every broken piece
And underline every word I said

Everything I said

I've chased running water and felt it slipped through the cracks
Lived at the edge of my bed, kept my face hidden in my hands
Forgive me for ever stopping by your door
Just couldn't bear it anymore

I swear I'll change just get me out here alive

Feels like I should have known
The heart just seems so cold
I feel it's breeze shaking my bones

And beg your forgiveness, I didn't know
Force my open eyes upon the heart I broke
Track Name: Winter Mourning
The tortured breeze was kind upon my face,
Felt some kind of comfort in this miserable place
The crop brushes my hand and gently sways
I felt the quiet scene wash me away

Heavy burden come for me
Steady rest my crown of thorns

I sat by that road, she spits her poison at me

Frantic promises to end quarrels of my mistakes
Rivers fell down the face and pushes my hand away
Broken pieces lying scatter for me to see
Seems such a shame I have to leave

Heavy burden come for me
Steady rest my crown of thorns

A voice behind, calls my name
Brace myself and slow my pace
Over my shoulder, I look to see,
The only one I think ever loved and hated me

I feel it
Track Name: Night Terrors
I sweat, shake and shiver. There's something terribly wrong.
Like something woke me up so I don't forget that I'm alone.
They plot against me while I sleep because I found comfort in my dreams.
Let me drift from my reality, don't remind me.

There something in my bed I've not met before
I fell asleep beside a liar that held me through a storm

Don't be surprised that I'm weak when you put your arm in mine
How much longer should I say I'm fine? How much longer should I lie?

I remember how to cope because I've known hearts of stone
And maybe one day forget everything I was told
How can I hate you for this? Or blame it on somebody else?
When the days grew so long I grew to silently resent myself

Something shakes my door.
The night is when they come for me and the knocking's too loud to ignore.
And who can I help? I lay silent in bed
And wonder how they'll find me, maybe peaceful now i'm dead

I put up walls to keep the bitterness at bay
But I won't feel a thing until I've felt them kneel at my grave